Adventures in America; a Founding Fathers and American Civil War Roadtrip. Part 4 Virginia


We waved goodbye to our home from home in Washington DC bright and early, we were heading south into the large state of Virginia for a few days. Our first stop this morning was Mount Vernon, George Washington’s family home.

Mount Vernon is situated about half an hour outside of Washington and the large farm estate sits above the River Potomac. Just across the river lies the state of Maryland. The house has just finished having extensive repairs and restorations to the outside and looks fabulous. We really enjoyed the tour inside and learnt lots about America’s first president. We saw the bedroom and bed in which he died, and walked up a beautiful walnut staircase that predates America!

We visited the tomb of George Washington, and even saw his dentures!

It was well worth the visit and we recommend to anyone who is visiting nearby Washington to drop in.

Our next stop was a couple of hours down the road. We were heading for Historic Colonial Williamsburg. We arrived mid afternoon and had a smooth check in to our hotel fro the night, the Hampton Inn and Suites. After a quick shower and change, we got a cab the two miles into the historic area, as it was raining! You could easily spend a whole day here – there is a large living history neighbourhood with many many period houses and some reconstructions, giving a fantastic glimpse into Colonial reenactments. You can buy tickets which enable you to visit the insides of many, but we decided to just take a wander around the area, admiring the buildings from the outside.

There was a gun reenactment whilst we were there and also a fantastic marching band demonstration – a typical occurance to mark daytime into evening.

Well seeing as evening had now officially arrived, it was most certainly time for a beer! Unfortunately the historic taverns hadn’t quite got the memo that it was now evening, and therefore were still closed, so we found an american sports bar just on the outside of the historic area. Luckily it was happy hour, so we tried a couple of cocktails before moving onto a brewery tap house to take part in Taco Tuesday!

We had several rounds of drinks along with different flavours of delicious tacos. It was great and most certainly the place to be as it was packed! Following on from our taco feast we decided to take one last wander through the old streets and found a historic tavern with flickering candles nestled in the windows- it looked inviting and perfect for “one for the road”. The staff we in period costume and we enjoyed a last drink in the lovely Williamsburg before making our way back to the hotel.

Wednesday morning arrived and after a self serve breakfast we made the short journey to Historic Jamestowne- the site of the very first English settlement in the USA. We had a really interesting morning exploring the site and particularly enjoyed watching the on site archeaological team working hard on the site.

I didn’t realise that Pocahontas was associated with the settlement here, and as such there is a big statue of her, which obviously I had to have a picture with! There was also a really interesting museum with lots of archaeological artefacts that had been dug up displayed.

It was a really fascinating visit but sadly, just before lunch, it was time to move on. We had a couple of hours in the car driving west, before we arrived at Monticello on the outskirts of Charlottesville.

Until next time


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