About Us

Hi Everyone! 
Why Wander Leefy? We love to wander the world and our names are Lydia and Keefy (Keith)

We live in Norfolk, UK, and are musicians and music teachers by “day”. When we aren’t working, we love to spend our time ticking off travel related bucket list items and exploring the world.

When we aren’t jetting off somewhere, we go on regular adventures in the UK and Europe in our Campervan, Ruby, and we have blogged about these trips for over 7 years over on http://www.adventuresinamotorhome.com

In 2015, for our honeymoon, we embarked on the trip of a lifetime to the USA travelling over 4 weeks from New York to San Fransisco on Amtrak trains with Great Rail Journeys. Little did we know, this would unleash a new passion for worldwide travel and adventures, and was the start of a yearly GRJ escorted tour for us, alongside our regular motorhome trips. We have travelled around Japan on the Bullet Trains,  visited Incredible India and undertook our very first safari, went on a Grand Tour of China. and saw some phenomenal scenery and wildlife in Canada and Alaska. All these were escorted tours with Great Rail Journeys.

Keefy is the one with the ideas. He comes up with the trip outline or ideas, and then is in charge of the budget. We are both self employed and so each holiday we take has to be financed in advance by hard saving and living frugally. We get no holiday (or sick) pay, and before we can think of travel have to make sure we have money to pay our outgoings first (obviously lol) He constantly has a spreadsheet on the go, pre holiday and during the holiday- and is so proud of his holiday spreadsheet he will show anyone who shows the slightest bit of interest!  Keefy’s main passions are History and Films, so if he can find a trip that incorporates either or both of these then he is one very happy traveller.

Lydia is the organiser, planner and self titled control freak. She is the one who takes Keefy’s idea’s and turns it into a holiday. She is the proud owner of three different notebooks which during holiday planning time, she won’t leave the house without. She spends hours and hours on Pinterest and reading travel books and blogs. She also loves photography – although now Keefy has his own decent camera on his iPhone he is contributing more and more to photos. Lydia also loves driving, and so when on DIY tours does most of the driving, although Keefy is being allowed behind the wheel more these days!

We both ADORE trying all the local food and drink that we can possibly manage when on our adventures. As a couple we enjoy walking as much as possible. We have a passion for travel and therefore when we are not on a trip, you can absolutely bet that we are planning and saving for our next one (or more!)


6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Lydia and Keith,
    We will be going to Monaco en-route along the med. I saw in your blog that you parked in Monaco’s underground car park. Does it take motorhomes 7.5 metres and can you remember the approx daily cost please.
    Thanks Stuart

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    1. Hi Stuart,
      I’ll be honest I’m not sure about taking a 7.5m motorhome into the parking at Monaco. We’re just under 6mtrs and I wouldn’t have wanted to be much bigger. The trouble is it wasn’t very easy to find, and we ended up driving round a couple of times looking. Then when we got in, I don’t remember there being a massive amount of excess room – from memory we fitted pretty snugly.
      I think we payed around €10 and we followed signs (although there were hit and miss!) for Fontvielle. It’s worth a drive through Monaco at the least, and if you manage to see signs for Fontville give it a go – there were staff in the carpark who a
      guided us in so presumably they would turn you away if they didn’t think you could fit

      Happy travels, the med is a wonderful place for motorhomes 🙂


  2. Hi Lydia…I came across you and your blog today…my husband and I are returning to Tunstead .Norfolk …at the end of next month…after 12 years living in the Dordogne France. I have been fascinated by camper vans for many years…loving the idea of freedom on the roads…I am a bit of a gypsy. I would like to keep in touch if I may…perhaps we could meet up once we’re settled in Norfolk. I have a FB page…looking forward to hearing from you. PS l just love Ruby… Heather x


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