New York over Thanksgiving Day 1

Day 1 | Wednesday

We landed at the airport at 9am. Despite it being the day before Thanksgiving, the queues were minimal and we were through and reunited with our case within 40 minutes. We took the Air train to Jamaica and the the Long island train to Penn Station. this cost $15 combined and was really quick and easy to get tickets and navigate around. 

As we walked towards our hotel we set eyes on the ESB for the first time this trip. It all seemed real! We were actually here!

Our hotel, The Martinique on Broadway, was just 10 minutes walk from Penn Station. We managed to grab an early check in and were upstairs in our room and showering/changing just 2 hours after touch down. Result – and made up for the stress of the journey.

After a quick celebratory beer at the hotel bar, we headed across the road for a little look in Macy’s. I picked up a bargain Michael Kors bag – Black Friday (and the days leading up to) really do offer STAGGERING sales. Much better than the UK. If we come again, I’d seriously consider doing my Xmas shopping here for sure. 

We made our way down 6th avenue, enjoying all the fabulously festive window displays and popped into Bryants Park for a drink and bite to eat at their festive market. It was a lovely atmosphere. 

After our pit stop we carried on walking up 6th Avenue past the Rockerfeller Centre and into Central Park.

We walked all the way through Central Park diagonally – we’ve been here before but did a different route this time – all the way to the American Museum of Natural History, where we began seeing our first glimpses of the Thanksgiving balloons to be used in the parade tomorrow. 

By now we’d clocked up nearly 8 miles on foot – and considering we hadn’t been to bed since Monday night, we were beginning to get weary. We managed a loop around the balloon inflation area, which was brilliant to see and free- however the weather had begun to change – the heavens opened, so we found our way to the nearest subway, picking up some water and room beers on our way, before having an earlish night.

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