Ruby takes a prang

Isn’t it funny how your body copes with shock? Some people lash out, some people cry and sob, some people go numb. I’m guilty of all of those, but last Thursday I experienced a new reaction to a huge shock- absolute disgust and despair then this feeling that I was going to faint!

This was the scene that I was greeted with as I came out of one of my schools after my morning at work there.


Did they leave their details?


CCTV managed to pick me up arriving with no damage. But apparently I was parked in a blind spot. So the driver of the car had a lucky escape as we have no way of tracking them and the school won’t let me send a picture around the staff email as it’s “not their policy to do so and I was parked at my own risk”.

On the plus side, it’s revealed no rust and we weren’t hurt in an accident. It can be fixed for £300, which it will be once we return from the states.

4 thoughts on “Ruby takes a prang

  1. Rotten. Parking at schools is such a premium that you probably couldn’t get into a cctv zone even if you knew where they are. As you say, the important thing is that no one was hurt.

    1. Sadly this school has a huge car park so no reason for anyone to squeeze in. Only 3-4 spaces that aren’t under surveillance, the bad luck was that I happened to be in one of those.

  2. Whichever miserable so-and-so (I can’t type what I really think) did this knows perfectly well what they have done. You cannot hit another vehicle and do that sort of damage without hearing it, feeling it, and having a lot of marks on your own car. Don’t suppose there is any way of checking the day’s CCTV and looking for someone leaving with damage?

    Hope it doesn’t not put a damper on your holiday and as for Karma, it will come round and bite the other person on the bum when the time is right 🙂

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