Our Top 5 Waterside Motorhome Pitches

I don’t know about you, but there is just something about going sleep and hearing the sea splashing around metres away from where you lay, I really can’t think of a more relaxing way to drift off into slumber. And generally where there is water, there is also wonderful sunrise or sunsets- opening the blinds of our motorhome first thing in the morning and being able to enjoy the rays rising from the horizon is my favourite way to wake up! Its no surprise then that given half a chance, we will always point Bluebell the motorhome towards the waters edge. Here’s 5 of our favourite sites – some wild camping spots and others commercial campsites. All information is correct at the time of our visit.

1: Silver Sands Caravan and Campsite, Portnaluchaig, Arisaig, Highland PH39 4NT

Photo 08-04-2014 14 01 14


  • Location : Near Arisaig, Scottish Highlands
  • Type of site : Caravan and Camp site
  • Number of places : 18
  • Electricity : Yes
  • Fresh water : Yes
  • Waste water disposal : Yes
  • Cost : £16 pn*
  • How to find it: Postcode PH39 4NT
  • Wifi: No


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2. Huishnish Beach, Isle of Harris



  • Location : Next to Huishnish Beach at the end of the B887
  • Type of site : Wild Camping spot
  • Number of places : n/a
  • Electricity : No
  • Fresh water : Yes – tap in nearby toilet block
  • Waste water disposal : nearby toilet block
  • Cost : Free
  • How to find it: click here for google map
  • Wifi: No


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3:  Aire de Ramatuelle, route de Bonne Terrace, near to St Tropez, South of France

(apologies no motorhome pic for this one, we seem to have not taken a picture of it-this below however is the beach and the motorhome parking is 50 metres to the right of the pic)


  • Location : France, Cote D’Azur
  • Type of site : Aire next to Beach (official parking area)
  • Number of places : 130
  • Electricity : No
  • Fresh water : Yes
  • Waste water disposal : Yes
  • Cost : €15 pn
  • How to find it: Click here for google map
  • Wifi: Yes
  • dogs also allowed on beach


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4: On the Bonny bonny banks of Loch Lomond; numerous lay-bys on the West shores of Loch Lomond following the A82

  • Location : Loch Lomond, Scotland
  • Type of site : Wild Camping in lay by (this possibly is going to be not allowed soon due to people abusing the system, staying longer than a day or two and leaving mess behind when they leave- a huge shame for those of us who leave nothing behind and only stay a night)
  • Number of Places : n/a
  • Electricity : No
  • Fresh water : No
  • Waste water disposal : No
  • Cost : Free
  • How to find it: numerous laybys on the A82 between Luss and Inverbeg
  • Wifi: No

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5. Cae Du Campsite, Rhisllefain, Tywyn, LL36 9ND

  • Location : Near Gwynedd, Snowdonia
  • Type of site : Campsite – quite basic
  • Number of Places : 15
  • Electricity : No
  • Fresh water : Yes
  • Waste water disposal : Yes
  • Cost : £15pn
  • How to find it: Postcode LL369ND
  • Wifi: No


Read about our night at this campsite here

Do you have any favourite spots near the waterside? Comment below!


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