The Lovely Lake Distict- Part 1

Blubell the Motorhome is parked up safely at home (although she did hear a whisper that she may be getting a little outing in the next couple of weeks!). Today’s blog entry is about a trip in our other motor, Yoda the Skoda, who is in our garage recovering after a mad dash to the Lake District and back! Why didnt we take the motorhome I hear you mutter? The objective of the weekend- The Hardknott Pass.

It all came about a few months ago- I’d asked Keith what he would like for his birthday, given it was only two weeks after the wedding. His answer- a trip over the Hardknott Pass- something we’d been unable to do on all our previous trips to the Lakes, due to the size of our van. I set about searching for a hotel, and came across The Ennerdale Country House Hotel – what’s more, it was dog friendly! Hotel booked, we popped it in the diary and forgot all about it until the wedding had been and gone!

Things are never simple though, are they- Keith started experiencing severe headaches not long after we returned from Paris, and actually spent the run up to his birthday in bed poorly. In fact, I doubted we would get away. Thankfully he managed to get an emergency appointment and was checked over- nothing serious, thank goodness, and doctors orders were a weekend of rest (and mountain air!) and some massages to relieve tension. You don’t need to tell me twice, an hour later, we were on the road- a day earlier than expected, but with one thing in mind- The Lake District. 

7 hours later, we’d pitched (parked!) up at a dog friendly B and B at Bowness on Windermere, Virginia Cottage, where we had managed to get a last minute room booking for that night. First impressions of the area were great, it did help that the weather was absolutely AMAZING. I’ve been to the Lakes for years and years and never had weather like it there before.   

               We had the most glorious evening at Bowness, and enjoyed a delicious meal at The Royal Oak, washed down by a couple of pints of Jennings’ Cumberland Ale, right next door to our digs.     

   Perfect ❤️

Next morning, we woke feeling fresh as daisy- enjoyed a lovely cooked breakfast courtesy of the guest house- Jazz enjoyed his homemade doggy treats, what a nice touch, and we set off- sun burning down on us- I even had to wear sun cream! Never had to do that before in the Lakes I’m sure! 

First stop- the vehicle ferry that crossed Lake Windermere.  

     After a short queue, the ferry arrived, we paid our £4.20 and off we went. It was a lovely calm crossing and a great way to see the lake, especially in the sunshine.  

 5 mins after driving off the ferry we found ourselves at our fist stop- NT’s Hill Top- once Beatrix Potter’s house, but also where the famous American Painter Thomas Kinkade painted his famous picture “Julianne’s Cottage”. The house was closed but the gardens were magnificent.    

                 Handily there was a lovely looking watering hole next door, therefore I’m sure you agree, it would have been rude not to have nipped in for a “swift half”! 


Next stop- Tarn Hows, also owned by National Trust, a picturesque accessible tarn- ie, you’re a can drive there and there was a nice circular walk of 1.75 miles around.  

           There was also a pretty waterfall to visit there, adding about an extra mile onto our walk.  



We managed an ice cream after our walk before heading off for the main reason we were there in the first place.. The Hardknott Pass 




As I am the worst passenger in the history of passengers, there was no way Keefy was getting his hands on the steering wheel- so I took charge and enjoyed the trip over in wonderful conditions. Keith was in charge of pictures- there was only one bit in which he exclaimed “we’re driving up a cliff!” – I checked the handle on the passenger door afterwards and there were no fingernail marks, so I must have done an alright job!  Having said that, I’ve just noticed there are no pictures of us going up!!







On the summit of Hard Knott is a Roman fort, so we stopped to have a look/let the brakes/clutch cool off/ admire the many cyclists attempting/ and watch in amazement as a fellow motorhomer tackled the pass!! (In a conversion- but still same length as Bluebell!) – Hats off to you sir!
By now it was most definitely lunch time, so we drove double speed down the rest of the pass (only joking!) and disembarked at the nearest eatery- the handily located Woolpack Inn in Boot, where we enjoyed some delicious homemade flatbreads. 

 Onwards to the hotel where we checked into our decadent room – a real bargain at £60pn incl breakfast, and there we settled into the bar for a few pints of Ennerdale Brewerie’s FABULOUS “Blonde” before turning in for the night, very happy (and mildly tipsy!) bunnies. 


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