Cornwall/ Devon – Summer 2014; Part 4

Bluebell the motorhome is parked up on a dairy farm, at Brit Stop #001. This isn’t just any old dairy farm though, they make ice cream and fudge to die for here- and we’ve made a good start on sampling it!!


We awoke in Praa Sands having survived a pretty hefty storm during the night, and as the weather was grim still we opted for a lay in. It’s a lovely spot the car park here- we could near the waves crashing below us, the pitter patter on our roof and wind howling was a joy to listen to whilst curled warm and toasty in bed!

Around 11 ish and we decided it was time to crack on despite the weather, so we headed onto the main road and made a stop at Portleven- this ended up being a good move as about half an hour into our visit the skies cleared and out came the sun.
Portleven is a picturesque but ancient harbour, with pretty houses and shops lining the very deep harbour walls. The tide was out when we visited so all the boats were resting precariously on the harbour floor.






One of the pubs caught our eye (naturally!) and seeing as Keith was driving today I suggesting we nip in so I could get my obligatory pint of Doombar. The Ship Inn oozed character and had a great position so we were able to enjoy the view over the harbour whilst soaking up the atmosphere (and the Doombar!)

Time was pushing on, but seeing as the weather was looking great again, we decided to pop to the Lizard- the most southerly point in the UK. Neither of us had been before and I know we were lucky with the weather but even so, we loved it there and thought it knocked socks off Lands End!












This stretch of coast is so dramatic, and the light there today was magnificent.

All this sight seeing is hungry work, and seeing as we’ve not yet tried a Pasty whilst down here today seemed the perfect opportunity.


This called for a swift pint in the most southerly pub in the UK, The Witch Ball, purely seeing as it is a landmark you realise….


Our Brit Stop for tonight (001) was just down the road so we arrived in time to have a good look around the farm animals here (goats, pigs, ducks, a turkey, quail, cows and calves) and we even got to watch the cows being milked. All the fudge and ice cream is made using this milk. It’s another corker of a stop- well done Brit Stops.


Bluebell the motorhome is parked at another BritStop (our heroes, thank you!) this time we are at a pub (hic!) #005, just on the outskirts of St Austell.

We’d envisaged staying at the carpark at Mevagissy tonight, where overnight parking is allowed, however when we arrived and were told £15 we just couldn’t quite face it, as it wasn’t in a picturesque location, and there were no services. Honestly, we aren’t tight, and we did consider it- but we would much rather spend that amount (and more on most occasions!) in a local pub/farm shop and support the local business (and come out with something mouth watering in return!) or a campsite/ carpark that offered some sort of facilities for that price.

We did however pay £4 to park for 2 hours, which gave us just enough time to nip down to the harbour, have a wander- it’s a beautiful town with another lovely harbour, grab some fish and chips, which we enjoyed whilst sat overlooking the harbour, and a pint of Cornish lager, Korev in the 14th Century Smugglers Inn, The Fountains.

IMG_3969.JPGbr />






Apparently the weather f/cast is bad for tomorrow so we’re unsure what it may bring for us at the moment, it could be Eden Project, it could be cycling some of the Camel Trail. Either way, we will enjoy, I’m sure!

Until next time

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