🔸 Campervan Jacket Spuds ðŸ”¸

7 years of motorhoming, 5 of those in a vehicle with a Gas Oven, and for some reason I’ve never cooked Jacket potatoes on the road! Then we downsized to a campervan with no oven and all I could think about was cooking Jacket Spuds with our first BBQ! Luckily Pinterest came to my rescue and provided me with an exciting option to try on our next trip using our dinky Slow Cooker. 


1. Prick the Jacket potatoes several times and rub in salt, pepper and olive oil before wrapping tightly in tin foil.

2. Put your tightly wrapped potato parcels in the bottom of your slow cooker, switch on and leave for either 3.5-4 hours on high, or 8-10 hours on Low. Avoid leaving on the warm setting near the end.

We cooked ours for 4 hours on high, but we were not ready to eat so then turned to low for an hour or so. Be prepared for the nicest smells ever in your van whilst they cook. Yum.

3. At the end of the cooking time, unwrap and you can pop them on your BBQ or campfire for five mins or so if you like. They don’t need it, but we did it anyway! When you unwrap you will be surprised how crispy the skins are! Don’t panic if the skins are black, they are not burnt and it is normal when cooked in slow cooker. 

Split open and put a good dollop of butter inside, and whatever filling you enjoy! We had ours as a perfect BBQ accompaniment with couscous, coleslaw and corn on the cob. Perfect. 

What’s your favourite filling? 

Until next time, Lx 

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